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Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup & Hair


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S/B Airbrush Makeup (Silicone Based Airbrush) is a wonderful means of hiding Blemishes, Tattoos, and Creating a Velvety smooth look for Photographs! This is why Airbrush Makeup is the go-to choice for most clients these days! It can be worn all night, and yet is easily removable with soap and water. S/B (Silicone Based Airbrush) is virtually Waterproof! It is applied using a spray gun and is relaxing for a lot of people. It feels like a light spray of water on the face, and dries like paint.
>Please note: that when Airbrush Makeup dries; due to the consistency of S/B Airbrush Makeup, it is not very blend-able. As, it is designed [not to move] under stress.
>Questions to ponder, or discuss with Ms Scarlett, if thinking of using S/B (Silicone Based Airbrush), may be things like, Do I have ‘young’ skin, or am I a Mature Woman, Did I just recently have a peel, or do I tend to have flaky portions or sensitive skin? Am I comfortable with applying other Beauty Products before and After S/B (Silicone Based Airbrush) is applied to my skin, to ensure the length and Beauty of this S/B (Silicone Based Airbrush) Makeup? As, S/B (Silicone Based Airbrush) goes on Matte and may emphasize any flakes OR pores on the skin. It flatters Young Women best, not needing any additional Primers or Setters. However, with proper Priming and Setting, Mature Women can wear it just as easily! S/B (Silicone Based Airbrush) is a great choice for your day!