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Wedding Airbrush Makeup

Wedding Airbrush Makeup & Hair


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Wedding Airbrush Makeup is a favorite choice for most Brides these days, as it has such a BEAUTIFUL coverage, and lasts for hours! Ms Scarlett uses S/B Silicone Based Airbrush Makeup. Wedding Airbrush Makeup is virtually waterproof! It is applied using a tool called an Airbrush ‘ Gun’ that sprays the foundation. Wedding Airbrush Makeup is designed to create flawless coverage, covering even the most stubborn skin discolorations.
>Questions you may want to ask yourself, or Ms Scarlett, if pondering using this type of Makeup for your Wedding, may be; Do I have fresh, Dewy Skin, Did I just recently have a peel, or do I tend to have flaky portions or sensitive skin? Am I comfortable with applying other Beauty Products in addition to my Makeup to ensure the durability of this Makeup? As, S/B (Silicone Based Airbrush Makeup) goes on Matte and may emphasize any flakes OR pores on the skin.
Discussing your skin’s condition with Ms Scarlett will help to ensure she uses the corresponding Primers and Setting Sprays to flatter your skin type and give you Awe worthy Wedding Airbrush Makeup. Wedding Airbrush Makeup is a great choice for any one who wants to look magnificent in Photographs!